Alumni Overview

HOBY alumni are those OUTSTANDING people who have participated in at least one HOBY program: the Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW), the Leadership Seminar, the World Leadership Congress (WLC), the Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA) or an International Tour.

The top 5 signs that you are one of HOBY’s alumni
  • You always spell OUTSTANDING correctly
  • You could wear a HOBY t-shirt every day for two weeks without doing laundry
  • No matter where you go, you find other HOBY alumni and bond immediately
  • Service is a way of life for you
  • You are a leader!

Does that describe you? Whether you attended a HOBY leadership program last spring or fifty years ago, you are part of the family of fellow HOBY alumni who number over 355,000! HOBY is proud of all of its alumni and encourage you to stay connected to HOBY and to each other.

To learn more about the HOBY Alumni Network, click HERE.