Alumni Staff

Before following the link below, please be aware this application must be completed in one sitting and that you will need to restart the application process if you close your web browser.

You will be asked to provide the following as a part of the application and should prepare the information prior to beginning the application:

Essay Question | Your essay should include the following:

Why do you want to come back on staff?
What is one thing from the seminar that really impacted you and you will take back and apply to your life?
What would you change to make HOBY better in the future?

Resume| Your resume should be professionally formatted and include the following:

The activities in which you have been involved during high school
The academic accolades you have received
Your volunteer experiences
Your work experiences
Any other relevant information.

Applications for the 2023 Alumni Staff are now closed.

(Please visit the Volunteer for HOBY page if you are no longer in high school or not a HOBY Alumni.)

Alumni Staff Volunteers are key to a successful seminar! Alumni Staff members work with the seminar operations team, lead ambassadors in energizers, and perform support activities throughout the Alabama HOBY seminar weekend. All HOBY Alumni entering their Junior or Senior year of high school are welcome to apply.