Volunteer for HOBY

Click here to apply for Alabama HOBY 2023 staff! 

(Please visit the Alumni Staff page if you are a high school Junior or Senior.)

Volunteers make a significant impact on the lives of HOBY participants. At the same time, they have an opportunity to reevaluate their own life goals and objectives, share their experiences, and have fun!

Volunteers come from all backgrounds and experiences to work together toward realizing HOBY’s vision. HOBY volunteers are keynote speakers and guest panelists who challenge students’ ideas about leadership; they are group facilitators who guide participants through their experience; they are advocates who engage local communities and companies to help fund the participants’ program costs; they are recruiters who share the HOBY story and encourage schools to get involved; and they are professionals who serve on the boards and program committees of HOBY state corporations and provide guidance on program planning, marketing, finances and more. With volunteers aged 17 to 80+, HOBY seeks out energetic and driven individuals who want to make a difference, motivate young people, and serve their communities.